Thursday, March 23, 2017

Don't rush him

For the last two summers we've been working with Sam to get him off his training wheels.  For the last two summers, he's tried it for about 30 seconds then asked to put the training wheels back on!  He came up to Jon this afternoon and said this is the day.  He wants the training wheels off. So on this 40 degree, very windy day, Jon took them off. Jon steadied him and Sam took off, all on his own.  It was awesome!
Zach wanted a video too.  He's very proud he can easily ride Sams old bike.

Monday, March 20, 2017

13 years

Jon and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage today.  We celebrated in style.  Gram came up yesterday to watch the kids while Jon and I went to dinner at an amazing steak house then headed to a hotel for the night.  It was amazing being able to relax, talk and watch some basketball without being interrupted every five minutes by screaming, crying, whining, fighting, etc.  
Gram and the kids stayed busy while we were gone.  We came home to balloons, flowers, a sign and shamrock cookies to remind us of our reception.  While we were out today we drove by our reception hall and our first apartment.  It was fun showing those places to the kids. Its amazing to think we've been married 13 years.  I wouldn't trade any of them!

Pinewood Derby

Saturday was the Rangers annual Pinewood Derby.  All four kids participated this year.  They all designed their cars and took charge of painting them.  They were in several races in their heats and they each won at least one race.  They didn't take an overall prize, but they all got a trophy.  This is Zach and Ellies first and they are extra excited about them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


We got our king size bed last week and its awesome!  The hardest part was finding bedding that we could agree on, was in stock and actually fit a king size bed.  It looks a lot more shiny than it is in person.  We still have to put the bed skirt on.  It needs to altered a bit to fit a metal bar at the end of the bed.
The kids love it.  Since Jon got a nasty cold, being able to raise the head has helped him out a bit. I can't believe we waited so long to get a bigger bed.  Next project will have to be a head board to replace the massive blank spot behind the bed!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Dr Ellie

Ellie is practicing to be a chiropractor one day.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


The boys had yellow belt testing yesterday.  They did awesome.  They started by reading an essay they had to write about their goals in Taekwondo.  They had to learn to count to 5 in Korean as well as learn 10 common martial arts terms.  They did basic blocking, kicking and forms 1-3.  They finished with breaking a board with their hands and feet.  

They finished with the belt change ceremony and got a certificate that they insisted on framing.  
They were very excited and we were very proud.  We took them out to lunch to celebrate and they chose McDonalds! The yellow belts come faster than every other belt.  They'll have about 3 months before they move to orange, but they're ready to put in the work.