Friday, September 28, 2018


The giraffe makes his return this Halloween.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Thank goodness they came across this bench.  Its a rough 30 foot walk from the car to the door!


Simple Simon coming to you this December

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Sam tested for his brown belt this weekend.  He kicked butt, of course!


The kids sorted out the change we've been collecting for Disney.  We have over $200 to add to our souvenir fund. 


Our co-op started last week.  All three were excited to get back to friends...and learning!


Only a few more teeth to lose then we can talk braces....great!

2nd grade

Once she woke up a little, she was ready to go!


A few days ago Ben turned 12.  He wanted to go out for midnight ice cream, but since his birthday was on a Wednesday, nothing was open.  We ended up buying some so we could celebrate at home.  Turns out ice cream is good no matter when or where you have it!
He requested pool time in the morning and bowling in the afternoon.  He has youth group Wednesday nights and loves it so we baked some cookies and he celebrated with some more friends.  He requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, crepes for lunch and meatloaf for dinner.  He also snuck in some more ice cream.  Its rough being 12!
Benjamin is getting to the point where he'd much rather play on his lap top than with his siblings, but every now and them makes their day by playing Legos or Minecraft with them.  He is still sweet and sensitive and loves to give hugs.  He is loyal to his friends, loves sticking up for the underdog and believes in fairness and justice.
He loves vegetables more than his siblings, but doesn't like french fries.  He still goes out of his way to be weird, loves to sing and dance and the pool is still his happy place.  Blue is still his favorite color and collared shirts or hoodies make him happy.  He is still the most patient person when it comes to Ellie and he makes us proud every day.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Ben celebrated his birthday over the weekend with a group of friends at Play CLE.  After they completely wore themselves out, we all came back here for dinner and cupcakes decorated by aunt Corrie, who is home for Bens birthday for like the first time ever!!!
By the end of the night we had 10 guests.  7 were girls.  I really don't love that!

For someone who is afraid of heights, he's doing an amazing job of jumping off tall platforms!

Monday, August 20, 2018

First Day!!!

The school district has a very late start this year.  Since we have our big Disney vacation this fall, the boys are starting school early to compensate a bit (and they want to rub it in Ellies face when they finish a month earlier than she does). 
We're easing in with just a few subjects today.  The boys were definitely not happy to start, but were pleasantly surprised when we finished after just a few subjects.
First day pictures had to be done in pj's since we home school and obviously live in our pj's!

The signs are hard to read here.  Sam wants to be a You Tuber or work with computers like daddy.  Zach wants to be a You Tuber or work at Dairy Queen.  Ben wants to be a chemist!